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~New Summits Wellness Center~

Clean Living for Individuals

age 18 and over

At New Summits Wellness Center, we are focused on providing clean living for those seeking a more mindful way of life.

Our wellness plan is four fold:

~Mental Wellness Intervention,

~Hedonic Restructuring,

~Development of a Healthy Work Ethic

~Pet Therapy

Residential students at the New Summits Wellness Center will have rich experiences that incorporate all four of these elements into their daily lives:

 ~Mental Wellness Intervention includes morning meditations, daily psychoeducational groups, and weekly off site individual depth therapy sessions with a Doctor of Psychology.

~Hedonic Restructuring is an essential element in healing the brain's pleasure feedback systems. This is accomplished via various outdoor activities here at New Summits, including ice skating at the outdoor skating rink located right on the property, cross country skiing, mountain biking, boating on the nearby lake, mushroom hunting, etc.

~Our students learn a healthy work ethic while participating at the local artisan bakery. They are taught the specialized process of baking various breads and pastries originating from Austria, and may even work the farmer's market where it is sold.

~Pet therapy has been proven to improve mental health. Bernese Mountain Dogs are a natural fit in this beautiful Alpine environment. Here, students may care for and keep a puppy of their own, if desired.

"We've got our rope and summit

Got our rope and summit

But we need to wake up

Baby, wake up

Unmasking your fears

One by one, see them disappear

Into the fog down below

Slipping is fine as long as you don't fall

Still in the quiet morning breeze

Swaying gently in unsuspecting dreams

Clues of a gathering storm

It's time to wake up, time to move on"



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